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If you are looking to support yourself or your loved one through the best possible birth for your baby, WELCOME!

With the knowledge gained from hypnobirthing, mindfulness, breathing & positional techniques, these birth preparation classes will help you feel more confident to cope with the intensity of labour and feel less fearful of birthing. Nurturing mothering classes and other supportive postpartum services will leave you feeling understood, reassured and capable as you grow into your new role as an intuitive, compassionate and aware parent.

How will it feel to know that you have done everything you can to create the best possible birth for you and your baby?

Katie oliver birthing instructor

After birthing five boys myself, I love being able to support others through this incredible, life transforming journey.

before baby doula services

Intuitive Birthing Courses, Birth Doula Services and Mamma's Blessingways so you feel prepared & excited for your baby's arrival.

postpartum support

Really support yourself and baby with our Post Partum Doula Services, Birth Resolution & Intuitive Mothering Classes.

"Just as the butterfly must struggle out of its cocoon to be strong enough to fly, Birthing is about finding the balance between becoming stronger and being compassionate so as not to suffer."


How to begin working with me

I would love to walk alongside you for this special part of your journey. To help me guide you in the direction that best meets your needs for birthing, post natal care and/ or parenting, please get in touch to see what is right for you by...

Booking a 20 minute complimentary call to share top tips, discuss your needs and clarify your desires.

Go ahead and book straight onto a Birthing Course or Mothering Classes right away.

Complete an enquiry form and I will be in touch in 1 to 2 days.

katie oliver childbirth educator