Birthing Educator and Parenting Mentor

Katie oliver birthing instructor

Hi, I'm Katie!

I am mother of five (yes 5!) boys, and we still don't know how that happened! Through the joy and wonderment and the tears and challenges that parenting brings, my births and children have been such a gift. I feel so privileged to serve as your guide and mentor, supporting you, as you embark or continue on your parenting journey.

- Katie XO

When a baby is born so are mothers and fathers

I've heard so many parents say "I wish I'd..."

...and I've said those same things too.  I wish I’d been more prepared and supported to have given myself and my first baby the best chance to thrive. I have discovered much knowledge and wisdom through my own birthing & mothering journey, so I can support you to birth in the best possible way, and to parent in the way that feels right for you.

My gifts and offerings that I share

Becoming a hypnobirthing educator after my third child not only changed birthing for me but it profoundly changed my whole life by opening up my world to the power of our minds. My love for birth-work and post partum care continues to grow with each family that I work with. I also have a passion for child brain development, nutrition and emotional release. I love seeing parents grow in confidence by knowing how they can best support their baby’s natural development; grow as intuitive and compassionate parents and deepening their connection and understanding of one another.

My births & children have been my greatest teachers, alongside the many qualifications & trainings.