Intuitive Birth Preparation

Birth Doula Services, Classes & Blessingways

What are you looking for? Personalised Care or Group Childbirth Classes?

So that you (and) your partner feel as fully prepared for labour and birth, you can hop into either a GROUP CLASS in Invercargill or we can create a PERSONALISED PACKAGE perfect for your budget, schedule, location and where you are in your pregnancy. For easy accessibility, these can be IN PERSON in Southland or ONLINE. Beautiful and meaningful mammas blessingway ceremonies can be created as an alternative to a baby shower leaving you feeling ready to embrace motherhood.

What do you need to best support yourself for labour and birth? Whatever you choose, you will always feel supported and cared for.

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Birth Classes and Preparation

Intuitive and Compassionate Birth preparation  classes or personalised packages for you and your birthing companion.

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Birth Doula Packages

Maybe you want that extra support through the intensity of labour and birth so you & your partner feel truly supported.
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Mamma's Blessingways

A meaningful alternative to the modern baby shower, so you can feel more connected to your baby’s birth and new role.

So YOU feel confident, prepared & excited for your baby's birth.

Intuitive Birthing Classes & Courses

You can do these courses, whether private or group classes, at any stage of your pregnancy, because you will be gifted a  2hr recording of a “practice labour” at 35 weeks that enables you to practice & refresh all the pain coping techniques that you have learnt, in the more realistic setting of your home.

Choose a package that suits your time and budget. We have a Birth Bare Essentials Course (2 and half hours), Better Birth (8 hours), Intuitive Birth - the FULL intuitive birthing and post partum curriculum (12 hours).

If you have attended a course with us before, please enquire about special discounted prices for a refresher course.

Bronze package


A 2.5hr childbirth class for those short on time

Through a guided practice labour you will learn:

  • How the uterus works and what you can do to help it work most effectively & efficiently.
  • Specialized breathing techniques for contractions and birthing.
  • How to naturally boost Oxytocin, for a speedier and easier labour.
  • Relaxation tools to keep mum and baby calm.
  • How to confidently discuss your options to make informed decisions.

Private classes can vary in length and content.

PRIVATE: from $250 + travel
GROUP CLASSES: $150-$200

silver package

A SHORTENED Intuitive Birthing course


8 hr tuition plus 5hrs of recorded meditations and hypnosis tracks.

Bronze Package PLUS:

  • How hypnobirthing works to prepare you and your birth companion for birth.
  • Mindfulness tools that connect you to the present moment.
  • Practical tools that enables birth companions to feel confident supporting the birthing mother.
  • An overview of how Spinning Babies® helps labour and birth.
  • Positional techniques to assist your baby into the best position possible for birthing.
  • Empathy based communication tools for compassionate birthing support.
  • Prenatal Psychology.
  • Birth visualization meditation.
  • Natural induction tools and techniques.
  • Creating a birth preference list
  • A 2hr recording at 37 weeks, to refresh and practice all the tools and techniques .

PRIVATE: from $640 + travel


 2024 Dates:

Coming Soon

GOLD package

The FULL Intuitive Birthing and Postpartum Curriculum


12 hrs tuition plus 5 hrs of recorded meditations, hypnosis and a guided practice labour

Silver Package PLUS:

  • How to use your intuition to make decisions that are right for you, rather than  fear driven decisions.
  • Introduction into baby’s brain development
  • The importance of attachment and how to nurture this through pregnancy and parenting.
  • Preparing for a gentle post partum to maximise recovery and healthy bonding with baby.
  • Becoming aware of baby's cues.
  • Nourishing your baby.
  • Deeper awareness of the unconscious fears and beliefs that may affect your birth experience.
  • A guided practice labour using all the tools and techniques that you have learnt.


  • A complimentary 60min Birth Experience Integration session worth $150**
  • A HypnoBirthing book
  • Private telegram group for ongoing support with like-minded parents.
  • Personal phone and text support**.
  • Lifetime access to recordings.
  • 40% discount of parenting courses

PRIVATE: from $880 + travel
GROUP CLASSES: $475-$515

**up to 3 months postpartum


2024 Dates:

May 11th, 12th & 18th 3pm-7pm

Let's have a chat to see how best to care for you!


Personalised care tailored to your specific needs to include any of the above birth preparation plus/ minus birth attendance and post partum care to support you compassionately through the transition into parenting, so that you, your baby and family can thrive.

Doula Care Packages are designed to maximize 1:1 contact time by using recorded materials.

Prices work roughly on an hourly rate of between $50 - $80 not including travel time and expenses.


Let's connect and discuss your options to gain clarity on what it is you really need, so that you can support yourself in the best way possible. Whether that is with me or elsewhere. We can discuss, Personalised Packages, Doula Support, Birth Experience Resolution and/ or beautiful Mamma's Blessingways.

If you want to attend group birthing classes, you can book them now.

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"My joy of finding out I was pregnant was quickly taken over by my life long fear of birth. Because of hypnobirthing I had such a positive birth experience."

New Mom

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"Every couple needs to do this course, it's invaluable".



2nd time Dad

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"After my blessingway, I felt so strong and courageous like a birthing warrior and felt excited to embark on my journey as a mother and connected to my baby."

Pregnant Mom

Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life.

INA MAY GASKIN (this is also true for your baby!)