Intuitive Postpartum Care

Post Partum Doula Services, Birth Experience Resolution & Mothering Courses

What support do you need as a new mother?

The Journey into Motherhood and Parenting can be joyous, exciting but challenging and exhaustive. This truly transformative experience, known as Matrescence, can be absolutely life changing as you adapt to this new role. Learning your baby's cues and communication style, as well as meeting their needs and yours, can sometimes be straight forward or outright baffling and overwhelming.

You may feel well supported by loved ones and family or your situation may leave you feeling isolated and unsure. Whether your birth experience was straightforward or traumatic, it may leave you feeling vulnerable and insecure about your parenting.

Just as birth is unpredictable, how you transition into motherhood is also unpredictable. However your post partum experience unfolds, I can support you through all the highs and lows.

Why not put those support measures in place prior to the birth of your baby so that you can give yourselves the best chance to thrive, rather than survive.


Feel fully supported, reassured and cared for as a new mother.

postpartum doula packages

Post Partum Doula Packages

Whether its help with your recovery, caring for your baby and/ or help around the house. I will support you however you need.


birth story healing

Birth Experience Resolution

Specialized sessions aiding you to heal emotionally from a bad or traumatic birth event, whether you birthed or observed a birth.


new mom groups

Intuitive Mothering Courses

Insightful conversations and wisdom about mothering, connecting beautiful & intuitive mothers with our online courses.
Start Dates:
1st July, 1st Aug, 2nd Sep

What care and support do you need in the early weeks?

Personalized Post Partum Doula care packages are available within Invercargill and surrounds. Your physical and emotional needs following birth can include healing, Birth Resolution, baby care, baby massage & more.

We facilitate the process of healing from your birth experience, whether you were birthing or observing, so that you can loosen the grip it has on you with a 90min online or in person birth resolution session.

Manage the Mother Guilt through our Journey into Motherhood Programme. These classes are for those who want to develop their mothering intuition and nurture self compassion rather than listen to the inner critic.

Let's create your care package or book a class/ session now

You can book your place on the mothering classes or for birth resolution now.

Otherwise, let's connect and discuss your options to can gain clarity on what it is you really need to support yourself in the best way possible. We can create post partum, labour & birth package or combine both for a nurturing experience

client review birth story session

"Watching the birth of my son left me totally traumatised. Within minutes of the session ending I felt like a new person and a massive weight off my shoulders."


client review birth story session

"I am now more gentle with myself when I don’t get things perfect and can see my c-section as a successful birth and not a failed induction, bringing me peace."


client review birth story session

"I am more at ease in my choices as a mother. I am more able to connect with my mothering truth and intuition and feel more confident, since the mothering course."


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotton the gift"

Albert Einstein